Living with Only One Eye


Above Photo Caption: Dr. McKinney-Evans -keeping her eyes safe from the harmful UV rays during the morning sunrise, so she can just enjoy taking in the beauty of the vivid colors seen with her favorite Maui Jim sunglasses. The glare from the water at the Ross Barnett Reservoir does not wash out the color and clarity she enjoys, because of these high tech anti-glare, polarized lenses.

Living with Only One Eye

Do this for me. Close one eye. Look around the room…Go ahead. What are you waiting on? How would this affect you, if you had to live the rest of your life with this prospective? What if you only had sight in one useful eye? I asked this question to one of my patients the other day.
How would this affect you with your daily activities? It would make things more difficult…like trying to drive over the spillway at the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Flowood and Ridgeland, MS. It would affect you enjoying other activities around the Jackson Metro area like: reading a book at Barnes and Noble, Bowling at Fannin Lanes, jumping at Heavenly Trampoline, throwing free shots at the MBA, covering outfield at Trustmark Baseball Park, hunting in Rankin County, watching a 3D movie at Cinemark, and seeing your picture in Sunday’s edition of the Clarian Ledger.
Now think about what if it was your child who lost sight in his or her eye. What if this affected your child for the rest of his or her lifetime, and you could have prevented it by buying safe toys and giving adult supervision during playtime?

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